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MIT drops out of Russian deal to help replicate itself in Kendall Square-like complex outside Moscow

GBH reports MIT decided Russian blood money just wasn't worth it.

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Better late than never.

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Why was this deal even made in the first place? Like Germany relying on Russian oil.

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MIT would do business with anyone, anyone, if there was a chance of money in it. Calling MIT's leadership intellectual prostitutes insults the world's oldest profession.

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There are so many great altruistic people doing great things in the sciences in and around Boston and Cambridge. Unfortunately there are some greedy pigs like the ones who sold out to the Chinese Thousand Talents Plan. If MIT wants to build a facility in Europe, do it in a free country. Who the Fuck made that decision? While you're at it, how about building something, anything, in Brockton, Fitchburg, Springfield, New Bedford, Cranston, Woonsocket or plenty of other places in our region with good people, good transportation, and a great need for jobs.

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