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MIT mainstay Mary Chung retiring, to close restaurant on Dec. 31

Sign announcing retirement and restaurant closing on door of Mary Chung

Drew Starr reports that Mary Chung's eponymous restaurant will serve its last meal on Dec. 31.

Chung has served Sichuan fare to generations of MIT students and others at 464 Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge.

Starr says:

Mary has earned the hell out of this retirement. One of the most formative moments of my MIT career was having my first sichuan food at Mary's during the first week of school.

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place is easier to take when it's a well-earned retirement rather than the fault of the pandemic or other factor beyond the restaurant's control. This isn't the most traditional Chinese place, but I have long adored it, will have to try to get by for one last meal.

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It always seemed traditional to me.

I believe they've been takeout-only since covid, so you should call before you head over if you want to eat there.

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Delicious spot. Love the Dun Dun Noodles. It will be missed. Enjoy the retirement.

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Will miss Mary and her family more!

Have a wonderful and well deserved retirement, Mary.

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We managed to hook a new generation on her fare. I remember the feasts at teen birthdays when the food just kept coming but the bill was manageable.

But I hope this means that she and her husband will have a good retirement.

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It was one of the first places I remember being able to go to in public (as opposed to a private house) where other people would talk about nerdy stuff like SPARCstations and debate the merits of SysV vs BSD UNIX. Didn't hurt being so close to MIT, I'm sure.

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I'm a 1990 MIT graduate and Mary Chung was long renowned back then, although I ate at the Mandarin and imbibed and played darts at Father's Fore(which later became the Cambridgeport Saloon) as well.

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I ate at the Mandarin

Ah yes, day-glo chicken...

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How long in advance will someone have to order for NYE pickup?

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