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Monsters now greet you as you enter Cleary Square

Monsters on a wall in Hyde Park

You're driving down Hyde Park Avenue from Roslindale into Hyde Park's Cleary Square when the new giant mural on the side of Ron's hits you - an entire wall of monsters cheerily welcoming you to the heart of Hyde Park.

Monster mural is huge

The artists, of course, signed their work:

Monster artists

Surely we can't be the only ones who find it a bit reminiscent of the older mural around the corner on River Street, only monsterier:

Older Hyde Park mural


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Please tell me that no public funds were expended on this.

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As somebody who drives down that way a fair amount, and who is a Boston taxpayer, I wouldn't have minded a bit if my tax dollars, via the Mayor's Mural Crew, had painted that cheery, goofy mural over what was just a boring wall.

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This is eye-of-the-beholder territory. A lot of graffiti artists see a plain wall and think "this is boring" and genuinely believe their street art improves it. On the other hand, other people will appreciate a clean, unadorned wall especially compared to the same wall covered in brightly colored graffiti art.

Age has a lot to do with it - we find things boring as kids which we treasure as adults, and find things obnoxious as adults which we used to love as kids. But the whole thing is so subjective that there's a disconnect between haters and people who think "How can you not like this!?!"

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Why do you hate fun?

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Perhaps if more tax dollar had been invested in your arts education when you were young, you might be a more pleasant person.

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I'd much rather see that money (if it was public) spent on street cleaning, storm drains and snow removal.

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So it looks like both will get funded.

The thing about murals is that they CHEAP. The cost of paint is equals that of a police detail for a few hours. Even if you give the artists a stipend (they should) it still is a tiny sum of money compared to most things Boston spends money on.

Art has sizable social benefits. It's never wasted money.

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Just look at the pictures again. Or maybe for the first time, I don't know. Specifically the 3rd picture, with all the words written on the wall.

The very first line says "A collaboration sponsored by Ron's Ice Cream."

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Love this, so cute and the colors are so cheery!

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