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Moorish sovereign citizen who drove up from Arkansas to support co-religionists arrested after that armed standoff on 128 is suing for $70 million because she wound up arrested on gun charges, too

An Arkansas woman who claims she's one of the Moorish owners of what is called the US is suing Massachusetts state troopers for the "genocide" they committed when they seized a gun and ammunition from her car parked outside a Middlesex County courthouse to which she drove 1,500 miles to show support for the Rise of the Moors men arrested after an armed standoff on Rte. 128 last July.

It's the latest in a barrage of lawsuits filed by Moorish sovereign citizens against law enforcement in Massachusetts over the past couple of years. About three weeks after the standoff, another Moorish sovereign citizen lost a legal battle over a 2019 traffic stop in Lowell.

Separately, a Moorish sovereign citizen from Dorchester remains in custody following his arrest in November, 2020 at the Ruggles T stop as he allegedly got off a bus there wearing a bullet-proof vest and packing a loaded pistol, three spare magazines that were also fully loaded and a knife. He is next scheduled for a court appearance in March.

In her suit, originally filed in federal court in Arkansas but transferred to US District Court in Boston this week, Iyanga Bey of Little Rock in "the Arkansas Republic" and two co-plaintiff alleges state police had no right to search her car parked outside Malden District Court, which is in Medford, on Sept. 8, while she went inside to support her fellow Moors - who claim that as citizens of an independent Moorish nation are not subject to petty American or Massachusetts laws related to gun possession, auto registration, insurance and driver's licenses.

According to the Providence Journal, her car did not have a valid license plate, which led troopers to get ready to tow it away. In Massachusetts, at least, police typically conduct an "inventory search" to account for the car's contents, which in this case Bey acknowledges included a Glock 43 9-mm gun, 16 magazines and at least 22 rounds of ammunition. She doesn't have a license for the gun and magazines, which, in Massachusetts at least, is illegal, if not under the alleged laws the Moors profess to live under. But she alleges the troopers should never have searched her car to begin with because they had no warrant.

When Bey left the courthouse, she was arrested on various charges, including unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition, possession of a large-capacity feeding device and driving an uninsured and unregistered vehicle.

In her complaint, full of references to an 18th-century treaty with Morocco, the supposed independent Moorish nation that is the true owner of the land on either side of the Mississippi and that sovereign nation's Zodiac Constitution, Bey alleges she has the right to drive as she wishes and that even though she is Moorish, the Second Amendment gives her the right to possess whatever weapons she wishes - a similar argument made by the men arrested on 128 - so the troopers should have simply let her go back home to Little Rock and been snappy about it, but since they didn't and they weren't, she now demands $70 million in damages.

Complete complaint (1.2M PDF).



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These people are quick to sue a lot. By any chance do they also claim to be co-inventors of email? The procedures are very parallel. Get arrested or have a beef with someone, sue, and keep changing the case delaying any rulings. I hope the judge drops this quickly. Seems to be a end run out of a conservative politics playbook. Screw the facts and evidence, keep suing until enough people believe you.

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But that is "EMAIL®", not "email" and you owe SHIVA $10 for the use of the term.

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A SLAPP suit is intended to stop public participation in government (that's the 2 Ps in the acronym), e.g., targeting people who testify against your project at public hearings.


The nuisance suits by the email guy and the moors also seem to be filed to harass rather than with an expectation of winning, but the underlying purpose is something different (i.e. they aren't focused on discouraging public participation)

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Thank you for keeping us informed on all this. SovCit nuttery is far and away my favorite nuttery and I'm always interested in what new interesting tricks they believe will unlock the secret gov't cheat codes.

The Moorish SovCits are a bit different as they're well-armed kooks, which I admit is concerning, but at least all of this seems to have gone down in a non-violent fashion.

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of the accused:


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You forgot to refer to her as Empress Iyagana Bey as is claimed in the complaint

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Of the crazy. I need crazy pills after reading all of that.

Seriously must be nice to have a lawyer who's willing to take up this nonsense because its a losing case (its just nuts) and likely won't see a dime.

I wish the state could recoup some of the court costs for these useless cases. Its obvious these are just to clog up the court system. Yes everyone should get justice but some of these cases are clear peacocking & media grabbers and nothing more.

She wants her attention for her nutter agenda, and now she has it.

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Don't go out on the moors!

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is paid in advance.

But the ones that end up defending these crazies aren't smart enough to ask for that.

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I only skimmed through it, and don't feel like paying the paltry access fees to PACER to look up a list of attorneys and other docket entries, but this appears to be pro se. What lawyer would put their name on that shitty word salad?

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...her fellow Moors - who claim that as citizens of an independent Moorish nation are not subject to petty American or Massachusetts laws related to gun possession, auto registration, insurance and driver's licenses.

Uh yeah, good luck with that.

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why are they attempting to get relief in US courts?

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Not a lawyer, but no matter where you are or where you are from, you generally have to sue in the jurisdiction the “injury” occurred in. If someone from France was visiting the US and had some problem, they couldn’t just go back to France and file a lawsuit in a French court and expect the French court to attempt to exert jurisdiction over Americans that likely have never even once been under French jurisdiction; they would have to file their suit in the respective American court.

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don't have bathrooms?

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sung to the tune of "Nashville Cats"

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Moore-ons. Am I right?

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apply directly to the forehead!

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