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More than 1,000 BPS employees not at work today

WBZ reports most are out due to Covid-19.


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and while not an insignificant number (of human beings, some of whom may be feeling quite sick at the moment), it is around 10% of the BPS workforce from the total employment, and about 10% of the teachers from the count of just teachers employed. It could certainly be worse.

(BPS at a Glance fact sheet on https://www.bostonpublicschools.org/domain/238)

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Our new motto: It could B worse.

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I don't know the daily absence number for the entire district but one school that I am familiar had 1/3 of its students out today, most with covid-related issues.

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How many are out with covid and how many because of covid?

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You hypocrites would be yelling "FIRE.THEM.ALL"

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If they tested positive or were exposed and recommended to quarantine, and then called out of work until their isolation period ended?

Who exactly on here do you think would call for them to be fired for doing the responsible and ethical action in that scenario? I think you have it backwards, if they tested positive and still showed up at work knowingly against isolation protocols, that may elicit some calls for jobs to be lost...

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Right, yeah.

Try putting a sock in it ... or just STFU with reactionary tribal bullshit. Nobody wants to know about your dream world or pet theories.

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we would.

They aren't.

Unlike fire and police.

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that we don't have mandatory student vaccination or even mandatory testing in the Boston schools. We require student vaccination for a half-dozen things but not for the thing that has shut down our lives for the last year and a half. So far as I can tell it's not even under discussion. It is crazy.

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Plus you have real young kids sharing busses and homes and other things who can't get vaxxed yet.

And the testing stuff is still new and expensive and impractical to get everyone on the same page with if you want large organizations (BPS) to organize it.

I have a few friends who teach at various BPS schools. All of them have different rules for all sorts of things. Some eat lunch outside, some inside without masks during lunch, some no lunch inside at all (probably do now), some outside with masks, some have to be six feet apart during lunch inside, some don't have the kids eat six feet apart, etc, etc.

Some principals contact all parents for each kid who is positive, some contact only if kids are close contacts, some contact the entire school with updates no matter who gets covid (staff/kids).

I think the logistics of transportation and building layouts also impact these decisions, but in the end the BPS isn't organized enough yet to handle big decisions like this.

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(and family members who won't or can't get vaccinated) are a reason to require students who can get vaccinated to do so. We don't throw up our hands and decline to require measles vaccinations for this reason.

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Results will be delayed due to high volumes of samples this week. But, expect the number of positives to be very high.

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