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More hubbub at Northeastern tonight

Around 10:40 p.m., Northeastern University Police issued a shelter-in-place order and told people to avoid Snell Quad and Curry Student Center. They lifted the shelter-in-place order about half an hour later, but still told people to avoid Snell Quad and the student center.

Bomb-squad officers and explosives-sniffing dogs responded to the area.

The Huntington News reports a called-in bomb threat proved a hoax.

The incident comes just nine days after what at first appeared to be an explosion at Holmes Hall that authorities soon began theorizing was a hoax.



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Do a great job protecting the students and commuters on the campus and Ruggles station.

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Sure, as long as those people look like they can afford private school tuition. They also hassle neighboring residents off campus, speed around the neighborhood in their SUVs, and are accountable to nobody.

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