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More power woes in South Boston; Eversource brings in workers, generator

Eversource workers on K Street in South Boston

Eileen Murphy photographed Eversource workers and a generator at K and East 6th streets around 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday as they worked an overnight shift to try to fix whatever went wrong with the power along K Street.



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I mentioned the real possibility (and the reality) of strain on the electrical utilities in South Boston. Some took issue with it. It was mentioned that the system "could never be upgraded to support different usage in the neighborhood."
Well, apparently this so-called upgrade hasn't happened in South Boston. We've been experiencing widespread loss of electricity due to heat and demand. This has been the direct result of development of the neighborhood and a lack of utilities keeping up.
Just keep building. What could go wrong?
Answer: Sitting in the stifling dark for hours on end.
Have a great day everyone!

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There used to be a big pink power plant down the street. Now it is closed and being turned into condos? They also closed the nuclear power plant in Plymouth. Where does the power come from theses days? Quick google search says mostly from canada.

Blame the city council and the beautiful people on beacon hill. They never lose power. They never lose electricity too.

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Exelon owns Mystic Station in Everett, providing roughly 1600 Mega Watts. Ironically there are two high voltage feeds between Mystic and the Eversource K Street substation in, you guessed it, South Boston.

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As people pointed out on the other post, you're just using this as another excuse to curb and complain about the gentrification in Southie that you don't like. Development isn't the problem, it's the city's inability to upgrade and adapt. Just because your neighborhood is changing and you don't like it doesn't mean you can blame everything on developers and newcomers. City's change over time, neighborhoods change over time, and it's essential for the city to change necessary infrastructure over time.

A K St neighbor.

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This would have never happened in Whitey's Southie.

Just kidding. I couldn't help myself. :")

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