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More trouble at old Government Center Garage site: Four-alarm fire

Firefighters at 1 Congress St.

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters responded at noon to 1 Congress St. for what turned into a four-alarm fire that spread across several floors via duct work and shafts.

This is the Bulfinch Crossing complex that is going up as the Government Center Garage comes down - which has become increasingly troublesome in recent months. In march, several garage levels collapsed, killing one worker and shutting the Green and Orange Lines. In June, support columns that support what's left of the garage deteriorated so much the subway lines had to be shut again until they could be bolstered.

Two firefighters had to be transported to the hospital today with heat-related issues, the department says.

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I'm just curious. I always worry about how these hard workers getting TF out of whatever floor they are on in a crumbling job site to safety. Are there shoots? Stairs and elevators aren't a wise option.

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But I guess if youre crazy and skinny enough you could always take the chute.

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It should not be built upon.

Turn the existing space into some kind of locally relevant cultural attraction, such as a park, Hall of Space Savers, or Museum of Transit Failures.

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of the old West Enders. The only thing worse than building there would be building on an old Native American burial ground.

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I think there's a lot of Boston that's haunted, and for good reason. Yes, I know my username checks out.

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Can u imagine what the Title Insurance Company is charging at this point?

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... that it isn't a sacred site for pre-columbian peoples?

Perhaps Phillis and Mark are having their revenge?

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Seriously. I think it is cursed too.

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And you can visit any day of the week for the low, low price of $2.40.

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admission to the museum of historical failures can come with free admission to the accompanying real-time interactive rolling exhibit. it's a full-day Boston™ experience for the tourists.

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There's no way you could ever get me to work in that building if it's ever completed.

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That have been fired/laid-off by State (Hate) Street over the years and they are angry...

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We are building on top of old infrastructure. That there were not more major disasters with the Big Dig is something to be grateful for.

Massive projects will inevitably come with massive messes. The Hancock Building is an example. The reconstruction of Courthouse Station is an example.

The quick and thorough obliteration of the NYC Word Trade Center towers.

Turn the clock back by centuries. The collapse of medieval cathedrals. Turn the clock back and forward to the inferno of Notre Dame.

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