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Move over French toast, we're gettin' Thomas' English Muffins!

Andy the Plow Guy on CBS Boston interview

Anna Meiler's TV interview with Andy the Plow Guy provided several inches of tasty soundbites about the powder snow, leading up to:

It’s like a Thomas’ English muffin with some jam: spreads nice and gets all the nooks and crannies. It’s powder.

Apparently Thomas' marketing team was listening (who knew they knew Bostonian?) and they've promised free Thomas' for Boston's next "next wicked snowstorm to keep everyone warm and toasty"!

You can
read about Thomas' Boston muffin offer or watch the original interview on CBS Boston.



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They should leave the local vernacular to trained professionals.

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I love Thomas English Muffins! Didn't they used to have a bakery in Boston/Greater Boston?

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