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New city council sworn in

Wu swears in City Councilors

In a ceremony forced outside by Covid-19, Mayor Wu this morning swore in the 2022-2024 city council, including new at-large councilors Ruthzee Louijeune and Erin Murphy and new district councilors Tania Anderson (Roxbury), Kendra Hicks (Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury, Mission Hill and Brian Worrell (Dorchester, Mattapan, Roslindale).

A small group of anti-vaxxers with PA systems played sirens even during an invocation by a Mattapan minister and the singing of the national anthem.



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Wow, in before the Globe. Remember when Boston was a two-daily town? Now we only have one, UHub.

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Not to sound ungrateful, because I appreciate you comment, but really all I did was post a photo and the briefest of "stories."

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Worrell fills in at Campbell's seat. So that's a small piece of Roslindale. Ricardo Arroyo keeps the bulk of Roslindale and all of Hyde Park.

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Here in Roslindale, we're used to having roughly 67,000 different elected officials, because Roslindale is where district lines go to die.

We actually have three city councilors representing parts of the neighborhood: Arroyo, Worrell and Hicks, who represents a small piece of the neighborhood, too.

I also mentioned that Hicks represents Mission Hill, which is only partially true - she has a part and Bok has the rest. I suppose to be consistent, I should have also mentioned that Anderson represents a part of the South End and Back Bay as well.

In conclusion, Boston district lines are a land of contrasts.

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I would note that Kendra Hicks probably represents more Roslindale people that Worrell does (and good luck to both of them, and the entire City Council, btw.)

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So they brought back the Gong Show!!


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Has anyone checked on Dianna Ploss’ whereabouts today?

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So, she got sworn in "early" because Marty left and we should have had an immediate election to finish his term. But the council decided to just keep the election in November rather than hold an earlier one. So, Wu was sworn in immediately after the election (pretty much).

Ok, but if her term is for "four years", does that mean the next mayor has to be sworn in early too? Was there something in setting the regular election as the special election to replace Marty that said the person who wins gets 4 years (plus whatever it takes to get back to January again)? How does that work?

Does she have to get sworn in twice: once immediately to replace Janey but then again now to start her real term OR sworn in once immediately and then again before January in 4 years to get continuity to the next mayor? Does the charter allow for her to get more than 4 years because the first month or two was to replace an acting mayor (I can't find where it says that anywhere).

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diagram your analysis? I voted for Anissa, based on personal knowledge and loyalty, but I accept the results of the election, and wish Mayor Wu well personally and professionally. The two transitions were uneventful so let's move on. The next election will be in November 2025, with a swearing in, in January 2026, unless of course Biden doesn't run again and we amend the Constitution to allow Tony Blair to run for President, and he names Michelle Wu as his running mate, or she becomes HHS Secretary, or, or.

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