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New Orange Line same as it always was

If yesterday was the Day of Shiny Floors (and smiling ambassadors and Dunkin' gift cards) on the Orange Line, today is Return to the Old Days Day:

47-minute ride from Malden Center to Community College, and this at Jackson Square:

I’ve been in Jackson Square station for 40 mins @MBTA and in that time only 2 oak grove orange line trains have come and BOTH have been too crowded for people to board. Did y’all actually fix the service or??? Now everybody on the platform is late to work thx !


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When you can get good press by claiming it works as long as you wait out the local TV news stations until they get bored and move on to the next thing


We sat in the station for a long time and the announcement said there was a medical emergency causing all trains to stand by.


I guess that medical emergency also brought the red line from Ashmont to a hault with stop and slow go after waiting over 20 mins for a train.


at North Station?

Around nineish a young lady came into our train asking for nurses or doctors and the train stalled.

It’s a little callous maybe, but I immediately peaced out of there and walked to my destination. I know how this song goes.

Yesterday there was one of those spangly new trains at Back Bay… stalled. A perfect MBTA statement.


It did happen at North Station according to one of the T's tweets.

the person is OK.

I wouldn’t call you callous. Not sure why someone would walk onto a train knowing they are about to delay hundreds or thousands of people.


People rarely schedule their medical emergencies. From context, the person coming on the train car was looking for medical assistance for whoever was having the medical emergency. And yes, it's callous to be an asshole about someone needing help, even if it slows the T down. If you're at North Station, you can walk.

Bitter, bitter, bitter Kinopio, literally blaming the sick for being sick.


My bus to Sullivan was 15 min late (at 6:00am?) and then the trains inbound were every 10 minutes. What a LaFF

They were great!

As was the commuter rail, Add more stops,
Lower the rate, Increase the frequency, Everyone wins.


Service is much, much worse than before the repairs.

I did not get a gift card :( I did take the bus to Forest Hills and then the orange line .When is Readville going to dstop being a zone 2 stop? it is very close to Fairmont.

All of Boston should be Zone 1A, IMHO.



I think all of Dedham and Waltham should be Zone 1A, and all of Boston should be Zone 6. Because setting fares based on city lines in a state-run transit system is totally arbitrary, so let's all just choose the municipalities we like and put them in Zone 1A.

During yesterday's opening of the Orange Line Mike's Coffee in Forest Hills was giving out free coffee. That's probably why neither you nor I received a DD Gift Card.

Let's remember this day the next time Charlie Baker comes around asking us for a job.