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The new Orange Line trains are still under warranty, no?

At 7:37 a.m., the MBTA reported delays of up to 15 minutes on the Orange Line due to a train that met an early death at State Street.

Ten minutes later, the T upped that to 25 minutes - and encouraged people to switch to the Green Line for downtown stops, given that you can walk across all of downtown in less than 25 minutes.

Then, at 8:19, the T threw its collective hands up in the air in despair and announced it was rolling out shuttle buses between North Station and Copley.



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Can the T bring it back to Train Depot for a refund? Or did they lose the receipt?

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My email from the T says it’s a power problem, so maybe don’t blame the trains this time.

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The 30 day shutdown was a failure. They might as well kept it shut down and fixed everything.

I’ve been a T rider since I could walk and my parents would tuck me under the turnstiles. I’m not happy about this.

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The work was done only 3 months ago. Either the T has no clue how screwed up it is or a crappy job was done in September.

It would be nice if there were media outlets in Boston that would be looking into why the Orange Line shut down today.

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My observations of the events that breaks the MBTA are:

- Train Breakdowns
- Rail Breakdowns
- Signal Problems
- Trash Fires
- Police/Fire/Medical Events
- Power Outages.

The new trains theoretically attacks the breakdowns causes by trains. The shutdown (and months after) attacks the rail issues. Also signals are also attacked but it's a separate project and I don't believe it's done.

Trash fires is probably helped as it probably allowed them to scoop a lot of garbage. Though I read nothing about any cleaning aside the powerwashing.

The shutdown cannot help with Police/Fire/Medical Events. Though I think a review of procedures would nice. Does every event from police have to stop the trains or does some them more nuance. Medical events too - not to sound cruel, but medical events happen on other modes like highways too, and only the most dire (like helivac) shut down highways.

All that said, Power Outages is also a separate project like the signals systems. I barely saw any news on work about that though.


Also, I think it's notable that the old trains have started to be used again. The dispatcher crisis has started to be fixed that some old trains are being used. Though it doesn't mean the breakdown is from the old trains. But does mean we shouldn't assume this breakdown is from the new trains - well not with full certainty, I actually would bet it was assuming it's not a power outage.

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For a couple hours before it was a power problem, The T was tweeting that was a disabled train.

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In the past, the T has used "power problem" to describe trolley/Blue Line catenaries pulling down the overhead wires, so their definition extends beyond stuff like somebody tripping over the cable that powers the subway.

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...orange you glad you chose CRRC?

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How do you say "15 minute delay" in Boston accent?

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"Your-ah Fahked!"

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Now also shut down between North Station and Wellington.

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Didn’t see any half an hour ago at North Station. Signs say use Green Line. Okay for me but not good for passengers going further on.

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it will be revealed that the MBTA problems are far worse than we have even imagined.

Good luck, Governor Healey.

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