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As a news outlet, Gannett sucks

As of a couple minutes ago, the top story on the home page of what used to be the Brookline Tab is a look at senior living complexes for "55-plus downsizers," rather than the fact that teachers in the town are on strike and schools are shut. There is a generic item about fun events - this past weekend - and a probing story about whether towns such as Salem, NH are Boston suburbs.

In fact, there is absolute nothing about Brookline on the home page except a note about how to "contact the Brookline Tab."

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They are almost as destructive as Fox News

if you want to read a great newspaper that is bucking the trend read the Provincetown Independent!

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Their Websites have sucked for years. They really should have been putting more resources into them over the past 5 years, as everyone at Gannett knew this day was coming.

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Just put out their last “paper” edition last week. I think the issue is that they don’t pay anyone to cover the town. So why would the online version have any actual news?

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I can always tell when it's Thursday because every house has the Tab on the front lawn. End of an era.

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Why does Gannett even bother? Who would read such a useless website, so is there even any ad revenue?

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Does any of this content really qualify it as a news website anymore? Is there anyone who actually subscribes to the 'subscriber-only' content? Several of the stories are just sponsored ad content, such as for cryptocurrency and (as written) senior communities. Other "stories" are just polls. And the "top list" is literally just a copy-paste of the current top Billboard singles, iTunes songs, and the like.

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Last year, I wanted a subscription because we had an important city election (replacing the Mayor and 5 of 11 City Council members), but I don't think I'll keep it much longer.

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Was the pressroom manager at the Burlington Free Press for decades, retiring in 2011. As he said in his letter: "Best wishes for your future, if you want one."

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Has become pretty awful and can shut down anytime.

They seem to want all of their publications to lose readers.

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