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No Decepticons allowed in this space for the next 48 hours

Optimus Prime space saver in Roslindale

Optimus Prime stood guard over this parking space on Bateman Street in Roslindale today.


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No snow emergency was declared. Yay if you typically park your car on a street that doesn't allow parking during snow emergencies. Boo if you don't and you spent an hour shoveling out your car and have neighbors who don't care about the effort you put into snow removal. Note- I haven't shoveled my curb cut yet, so I don't know how tough the snow removal process is with this storm. The sidewalk stuff was bulky but light.


The temps are going to drop overnight, you might want to get out there soonish.

We've been through this. A space saver doesn't prove that any particular person put in any effort.


The best one can hope for is that someone on the other side will understand their side, but rarely does one change their opinion on the matter.

That said, there was no snow emergency declared.


After shoveling out my cut, the snow wasn't that hard to move around.

That's a prime spot.


I want to attach a large group of helium balloons to that raised fist and send him up, up, and away!

And Michelle will undoubtedly turn out to be as spineless as Mahty was about dealing with the tribal whining of people the world has passed by.


St. Thomas Menino, who, um, boldly declared that there are times when space savers are okay, thus giving the practice the tacit support of city government?

It's a tradition broadly supported. You think she's going to alienate people when she's barely in office?


I can dream, can’t I?

It's a tradition broadly supported.

Citation needed.

It was “tradition” for the mayor to be a white male. Times change.


Or still in denial on the results. Here.

Too bad you're ashamed of being a white male. Nothing wrong with being white, male, or any other race or sex. There's yet another thing you should talk to your therapist about.

It's a tradition broadly supported.

So was school segregation.

perhaps the legislature needs to outlaw the practice, and if the city does not comply, the courts must be involved.

Coming from a person deeply vested in keeping their neighbor looking like it did over 100 years ago.

was made up by Marty and he’s not even in the Commonwealth anymore. Space savers work for my neighbors and myself.