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Fewer chop-suey sandwiches in Salem

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Salem Lowe at Salem Willows, which has served chop-suey sandwiches for 50 years, is closing forever next month.

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"Meilee Express"
They may have at one time been under the same ownership as Salem Lowe at the Willows, but this place on Canal Street in Salem still has the sandwich on the menu.
Only thing missing on Canal Street is the ambiance of outdoor dining of the chop suey sandwich, with gazes by nearby seagulls and pigeons at the Willows

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Does this leave the area Chop Suey sandwichless? I vaguely recall some discussion years ago here about who still made them and it was down to Salem Lowe and a Polynesian place in Dedham(?) that I am pretty sure has closed.

While not high on my list of food favorites, it is a good quirky local food and it's always sad when one of those passes into legend.

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Salem (MA). I didn't even know it was a thing until recently.

I grew up on the equally-weird chow mein sandwich on the South Coast. It was a regular public-school cafeteria item back in the day, and lots of local diners served it, too, not just Chinese places. The last one I had out was pre-pandemic, at Commons Lunch in Little Compton, RI.

In case the urge ever strikes me at home, which it does about once every five years, I keep a box of Hoo-Mee in my pantry: https://www.famousfoods.com/o003.html

I know of two places that still serve chop suey sandwiches in Salem, both old-school American-Chinese joints: Kiki's Chinese Food and Mei Lee Express.

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Since I was obviously completely unaware of the other Salem places that serve these sandwiches.

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