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No takers for Uphams Corner redevelopment plan

Scott Van Voorhis reports that, after several months, the BPDA didn't get a single proposal from developers for a parcel next to the Strand Theatre. Developers have readily snapped up similar parcels in Nubian Square, with heavy affordable-housing components, but the BPDA's Uphams Corner proposal would have also required a developer to build a new BPL branch, find an operator for the Strand and commit to a sizeable amount of affordable housing and affordable commercial space.

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They are not lining up for that honor?

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Build a BPL branch? They're supposed to move into the bank space. When did they change that?

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Seriously, though...
They've tied all that together?
Are we really going back to the crappy late Menino years when, far too frequently, nothing got done unless it was a mega-project?

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I give the city credit for trying to get as much out of this as they could. In this case it was a stretch and no one bit. On the other hand, if they offered a sweetheart deal, people would be bitching about how they gave it all away.

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Next to the bank building there used to be the Baker Memorial M.E. Church. It was erected in 1891 after money was invested by a Savin Hill woman, Sarah Baker, who died around 1860. She had a nice cottage industry as a maker of hat boxes. The money grew after being invested and in time there was enough to put up a fine stone church.

The church made it until the 1940's so when when the congregation disbanded. One problem though. There were lots and lots of Catholics in Uphams Corner at the time and the Archdiocese was planning on the need for a new church for the neighborhood.

However, The will of Sarah Baker said the church must be used as a stable before it could be used as a Catholic Church.

Thus the Archdiocese, because of this open bigotry, purchased a telephone company building across from the Strand, which became St. Kevin's. The church site became a parking lot.

I hope this woman, despite being in hell for the past 160 years, stepped on more lava rocks today and it hurt.

Here is a picture of the bigot's church: https://www.historicnewengland.org/explore/collections-access/gusn/194929/

What a waste of good design.

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Too bad some clever board members or pastor when it disbanded didn't simply rent out the basement for sheep, goats, or chickens at the end, satisfy the estate's spite - Okay, it's been used as a stable. Now we're selling it to the papists! Oh, well - the bequest was probably a little more ironclad than that.
Interestingly, Saint Kevin's parish started out having Mass in the Strand Theater.

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Anyone know what that double entrance was all about? One for Men and one for Women maybe? That's my guess.

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Trying to see... Was that one door angled 45 degrees between the steps, or two doors (each facing steps straight on?
My guesses...
- Might it have something to do with fire code - having to have a certain number of doorways?
- Also, it looks like it might be the main entrance/exit. Maybe one door (or half of a double door) for most of the time, and prop open both double doors when throngs are coming out after church, especially a wedding or funeral?

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