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Now that's a summer storm

Lightning strike across Boston Harbor

Boston Timelapse captured what appears to be a lightning strike at Logan from a National Park Service camera atop the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown.

Across the harbor, in Coolidge Corner in Brookline, Josh Borrow was in the middle of it. Here's the view towards the Pru:

Lightning in Brookline

The National Weather Service radar at 4:38 p.m. was pretty ominous:

Radar of eastern Massachusetts at 4:38 p.m.

Two motorists had to get out of their cars when water got to about three feet high under the train tracks that cross Quincy Street in Dorchester.

At least two motorists also got stuck in deep water on Spring Street at the Star Market entrance, an area prone to flooding simply when somebody drops a cup of coffee:

River Street in Readville was partially blocked when a tree fell.

Power went out in the area of Norfolk Avenue and Shirley Street in Roxbury. Power also went out in Fields Corner in Dorchester. Eversource estimated 4,980 homes and businesses in Boston lost power due to lightning strikes, mostly in Roxbury and Dorchester.

People who thought they were about to land in Boston instead found themselves looking out the window at terminals at PVD.



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The thunder in Somerville was LOUD

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Pouring rain with an hour-long Taiko drum concert.

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