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Orange Line all shiny and new, but people say their ride still blew

Everybody ordered off train

Shortly before 6, everybody was ordered off this outbound train at North Station. Photo by Jed Hresko.

Update: At 5:43, the T said a train with "a door problem" at Downtown Crossing meant 20-minute delays northbound. They did not say if it was the same train that had problems at Forest Hills.

The MBTA reports northbound delays of ten minutes on the Orange Line northbound because they had to fix "a mechanical problem" on a train at Forest Hills.

So that might explain one rider's 20+ minute wait at Ruggles for an Oak Grove train, but not another rider's 44-minute ride from Oak Square to North Station.

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"Advisory for #Boston area travelers: a protest group has notified the media it plans to disrupt travel along several routes in the Boston area Wednesday morning, 9/21, at approximately 7 a.m. Exact locations not yet announced."

Looks like the Extinction Rebellion group:


"Join us early Wednesday morning as we meet rush hour commuters to make some noise and demand “Stop the Fossil Fuel Industry, Now!”
We’ll have a giant sun puppet, colorful banners and flags - plus coffee and donuts for the Morning Rebels!
We’ll meet at Post Office Square at 7am and start to march through downtown Boston at 7:30am.
Wheelchair accessible, will involve walking, or rolling, down the street."

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While I support the cause.. shutting down traffic on a Wednesday isn't exactly how to get people to join your cause.

yes today's mantra is "shut it down".

But lemme ask you something.. how many people joined the cause after those folks shut down 93 a few years ago?

**hears crickets**

Right. Zippo. In fact, it made the whole group just look bad. (yep it was a specific group, but even still.. they had a message).

You want to protest. Fine go protest in the common. I'll even join you. But you block traffic and inconvenience alot of people at the same time? Nope.. I'll ignore your cause, no matter how much I agree with it, faster than you can say "fuggetaboutit"

I get the environment issues need as much attention as they can get, but THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO DO IT.

And frankly the people who COULD make a difference aren't Joe & Sheila in their cars in a dead stop. It's politicians. Go after them.

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We were in London a few years ago when XR targeted the Tube/public transportation system for shutdown. I think their strategy needs work - interfering with people's livelihoods is not how you win hearts and minds.

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I disagree, Joe and Sheila making the choice to drive into downtown Boston instead of taking public transportation (even if that means driving to the commuter rail to take that) is exactly who needs to think about their choices. Sitting in your car and driving into downtown instead of using public transit is a vote for keeping things the same. Until more people use public transit it will be considered an afterthought for those with no other options and therefore not a priority for our state.

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HAHAHAH No. You interrupt traffic and inconvience people.. I don't care if you have the cure to cancer and you're going to parade it around town. People will not care.

Have you been sticking your head in the sand? You think most people care about others or the planet? They don't. Wake up.. this is the problem with our country and society. People stopped caring about one another and now only focus on 'whats in it for them'. Take a look around you, its not that hard to see..

So yeah that protest.. you ruined 'whats in it for them' and their way to work. They truly will not.

On a related note, I'm a pretty big transit advocate. And I want people to use transit, but again, if you think blocking cars is going to push people to a subway system that can't seem to get its act in gear?!? RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHT . I don't even f'ing believe that. Maybe if we had a subway system like Paris, you might have an argument. But a month of a shutdown and the trains still go slow and break down. Yeah.. people aren't going to switch because you want them to.

Boy I wish I had 1/4 of your rosey disposition about how people will change on the drop of a hat because you want them to. Time to wake up and smell the Sanka. It doesn't work like that AT ALL. And acts like this don't make it any better, and in fact they make it worse and just drive people away.

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From the Dorchester Reporter's Bill Forry's tweet:


"A source tells me this protest organized by a group focused on curbing fossil fuels in Mass will target bridges and other key routes around downtown #Boston including Seaport, North Station, and South Station in the morning rush hour."

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So they want to encourage people to divest from fossil fuel dependence by.... making it hard for people to use public transportation??

I'm confused.

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My first impressions, riding from Chinatown to Forest Hills and back today:
The ride is so much smoother than before. It felt like they had replaced much of the track. This is a huge improvement. But as we’ve been warned, much of the trip was still slow, maybe even slower in spots than before. Hopefully the inspections will happen soon. Judging from the speed in several sections, that will lead to a noticeably faster trip.
Troubles remain. 10 minutes between rush hour trains this afternoon, along with multiple stops for “schedule adjustments.” An announcement about the situation was incomprehensible. My train operator needed guidance on how to use a microphone.
It’s depressing to hear of multiple problems that you can’t blame on 43 year old relics. But there’s room for a lot of optimism about how it’ll be doing in about a week.

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The T public address system doesn't work until all announcements are incomprehensible.

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20+ minute wait for next outbound train at Back Bay as of 7:15pm tonight. Screw that, I’m walking to the Silver Line.

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It’s getting harder and harder to be a cheerleader for the T. Broken doors on brand new trains.

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Just comfort yourself with the thought that things will be ever so much better when the Federal Government takes over the T and it's free.

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Motorists who are stuck in traffic because of political protests or T passengers who are stuck on platforms because of political incompetence.

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Are they not using the old trains now? I hate the seats in the new trains. They need to be curved a little.

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