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Orange Line resumes and, at least for the first day, boy, are the station floors shiny

Shiny floor at Haymarket

Along with all the track and signal work, the T said it would spend the Month of No Orange Line to spiff up the stations. Alex DiPrato reports that, sure, his first morning ride on the Orange Line was wicked slow (although the T had cautioned the new tracks need a week or so to settle), but at least the floors were gleaming at Haymarket today.

Sebastian Stockman reports a similar floor experience at Downtown Crossing:

Shiny floor at Downtown Crossing

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The workers did a great job cleaning up the orange line hopefully the riders will appreciate their work and the orange line will be safe clean and reliable.

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I give it about a week of it looking like that. Then it'll be back to the dull floors.

The T has done deep cleaning jobs at stations before. This is not new at all.

I mean kudos for using the shut down wisely to really clean the stations. I am sure the cleaning crew appreciated not having to work around riders every day. (it becomes futless if you're washing a floor that every 10m a train load of people get off and walk across it)

Its like when we get new buses. You can always tell which ones are new (outside of the higher bus number)... they always have that 'new car' smell. It doesnt last long until its filled up with stale food, farts, and bo.

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Meanwhile on the red line--slooooooow haul from Ashmont with great huge gaps between trains.

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Newtrains.today reports that all 10 Orange Line trains currently running are new. Finally!

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I thought the O line wouldn't be back up for at least 2-3 months. Good for them for getting things back in order on schedule.

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As long as 30 minutes from Oak Grove to North Station is "on schedule."

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And according to that schedule, we need to check back in a week to see how quick the trips go.

Now, frequency is another issue. Sigh.

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All Haverhill Line trains (except those that bypass Melrose and Malden via the Lowell line) will continue to stop at Oak Grove, seven days a week. Until now, this stop was used only during Orange Line shutdowns.

A few Franklin Line trains, and one Providence Line train, will continue to stop at Forest Hills, weekdays only.

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It gives me more options for my trip home after hospital appointments.

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Why can’t every stop be an express stop?

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