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Panic at the nightclub on report of shots fired

Warrenton Street

Clearing everybody out. Photo by Live Boston

Live Boston reports people began fleeing Theater District clubs in a hurry early Sunday after a report of possible gunfire inside Venu on Warrenton Street.

No shell casings or other evidence of gunfire were found after the 1:30 a.m. incident. Still, Venu and nearby clubs were evacuated to allow for police sweeps, and after people "ran for cover after reports of shots fired inside of one of the clubs."



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So you really could have gone with "Panic! at the disco on report of shots fired" for the title

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As God is my witness (along with wife and daughter), I exclaimed, "It's too bad we don't have discos anymore" before committing to that headline.

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People are living through so much trauma these days. Hope everyone was ok.

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playing gunshot sounds clears out a party almost as well as Cocteau Twins.

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