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Parade returns to Broadway

Men with leprechauns on their knees

Michael Spicher took in the return of the St. Patrick's parade down Broadway, after two years of cancellations due to Covid- 19.

Among the participants: the Blues Brothers:

Blues Brothers car in the parade

In true Boston fashion, a woman walked down the route with a "Yankees Suck!" banner.

And a lot of people showed up (this photo is actually from a 311 complaint about the situation along the route.

Parade crowds

City officials, including City Councilor Julia Mejia, Mayor Michelle Wu and City Council President and South Boston native Ed Flynn, marched (photo by Greta Gaffin):

City officials including Michelle Wu

Shortly before 4 p.m., somebody fell off a roof on East Broadway.



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Any info on where the person fell off a roof on E.Broadway? There was a huge gap in the parade about 3/4 of the way through. Many people in City Point thought the parade was over and left - seeing this news, I'm thinking the gap might have been caused when they had to get EMS to the person who fell off a roof...

Also, Adam - I think you mean "East Broadway" here:

"And a lot of people showed up (this photo is actually from a 311 complaint about the situation on East Boston":

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Was after the parade had passed, though.

And, yeah, dumb geo-mistake on my part!

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"after tow years" --> two

"photo by Greta Gaffin" --> Kidlet

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As for the other, passage of time and all that, plus, she's been published professionally (as in, actually gotten paid), so least I can do is give her full credit :-).

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That's awesome that she's been published professionally!

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And the MBTA was running a fare free bus from downtown to the parade. I'm sure all the people enraged by the fare free bus program in Roxbury and Dorchester will be even more angry that there's one for people to go to a party in South Boston right?

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*ACTUALLY it's not free, we have to pay for it with our taxes! /s

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Or were the people mad about free parking Thursday and today and every Sunday? Some people claim to hate welfare but love to take it.

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Perhaps from someone who has lived in Southie less than three years? Other than a couple of interruptions due to snowstorms and COVID, it has been happening at the same time each year for many decades.

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Ouch!! Sorry that happened!! The fact that somebody fell off of a roof is unfortunate--and deadly! Here's hoping that s/he has a full, speedy recovery, and is okay.

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the bars made up for any perceived loss of business during the pandemic. Prove me wrong.

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make up for over two years of greatly diminished business? That's not how my local publican sees it at all.

I do not wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

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