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Parade takes root in Dorchester once more

Carrot in the Dorchester Day parade

Repping the Dorchester Food Co-op.

After a two-year absence, the Dorchester Day Parade returned to its eponymous avenue, with hundreds of participants walking, sashaying, marching and dancing their way from Lower Mills to Columbia Road.

The National Lancers were near the front, on horseback:


So was the Boston Police Gaelic Column:


Plenty of bands and dancers:

Jumping dancers

This dapper guy, yes, Chicken Man, would run a bit, put down his bucket, get up and dance on it, then repeat:

Dapper guy

A couple of the dancing troupes were preceded by mini-vans with enormous speaker systems that made sure you didn't hear the music so much as feel it:

Big car speakers

Plenty of politicians, as well:

Ayanna Pressley
Frank Baker

Little Miss Dorchester Ryleigh Mahoney (l) and Young Miss Dorchester Savannah Washington:

Two queens

Some ladies wore traditional Vietnamese dresses and hats, in Republic of Vietnam colors:

Women in Vietnamese dresses and hats
People with a sign calling for rent control now
Iron Man gives a high five
Mather School kids


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For Dorchester. Fabulous weekend inclusive of all

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Could have used a few more marching bands miss the old Crusaders band.

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I miss the Crusaders so much They used to stop and play in front of Dot park. It was nice being there today though since we haven't been able to have it since 2019 and the weather was perfect

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They will be in Post Office Square on June 21 for a free concert late afternoon. Competitions in Quincy on July 2, and in Lynn on July 3. Drum Corps International is "Marching Music's Major League". They have incredible talent from all over the US and some international members. The Crusaders members are taught the corps history. They know about Hyde Park, Mattapan, and Dorchester Day. The parent organization owns the Riverside Theater building, and they have a youth percussion program in Hyde Park.

2021 Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Smj-dWrUVV8&list=RDSmj-dWrUVV8&index=1

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“This dapper guy” - you mean Chicken Man the Dorchester legend whos been dancing on Ashmont corners as long as I can remember

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Over Diaz any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

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give a candidate the finger while standing behind a fence, surrounded by a crowd of friends.

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...that someone flipped off the guy who represents and embraces the "f*ck your feelings," "grab 'em by the p*ssy," and "sh*thole country" MAGA crowd? Where are my pearls!? They must be clutched at once!

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Diehl's campaign bus has the moronic "Brandon" stickers. So one of his slogans is a not too cleverly disguised f-u to the president. "Real class, real courage" indeed.

So if that's ok with Diehl, it's ok if the guys in this video give him the finger. They could have given him a lot more.

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Not sure that I can take a comment criticizing someone's "courage" seriously from an anon who can't even bother to make a profile that will link their comments together here.

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These people, true cream of the crop, and I bet one or two even actually live in Dorchester.

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Are definitely from Dot. What’s your point?

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They were disgusting. Not that they don't have a point--kids shouldn't be wearing masks in school anymore in my opinion. Mayor Wu was with her kid and she looked really defeated, though she was trying to put her best out there and pretend it was the nice day it ought to have been without these chuckleheads. Got a worthy cause? Behave like this and your cause goes in the toilet.

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We were stationed next to the War Memorial at Fields Corner. Those [email protected](% @$$#$ couldn't even stop yelling for five minutes while the mayor laid a wreath at the memorial and shook hands with some local veterans.

But the rest of the parade was good (also excluding Jeff Diehl)!

Some of the usual suspects were missed but hopefully they'll be here next year.

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