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Parents, staffers protest planned shutdown of children's hospital at Tufts

WHDH reports on the protest.

Tufts Medical Center announced last month it would shut the former Floating Hospital for Children and move patients over to its larger rival, Boston Children's Hospital.

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than this city's hospital CEOs?

1) Pocketing millions in cash and stock options by sitting on the boards of Big Pharma and Big Biotech, often while those companies perform "trials" at their hospitals

2) Scamming the public by charging patients whatever they damn well please with no explanation of prices before the procedure or even after the incomprehensible bill is sent out

3) making decisions like this that are clearly detrimental to the community (and in this case, its children)

Enough, enough, enough of these unscrupulous charlatans.

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We have a law in the state that forces hospitals to publish charges for the cost of appointments and procedures, and when not published to provide those charges upon request.

Not one hospital in the state follows this law, they all ignore it.
Not one regulatory body in the state enforces this law.

We need to demand more of our leaders, government to protect consumers from predatory practices, hospital mergers, buying private practices, endless "facility fees" and hidden costs. It's never ends.

This isn't a "free market" or any form of capitalism, this is a regressive rent seeking monopoly with government protection.

Consider your last hospital experience when you see someone raising money for a hospital, giving a donation or when a hospital touts it's community contributions and research. These "non-profit" hospitals are hurting the people and require significant restrictions and controls.

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Finally more and more people are waking up to the private healthcare sector, and the huge profits they rake in.

It isn't just the health insurers that make healthcare so expensive. These hospitals are great contributors to our skyrocketing healthcare costs. And when I say (or point my finger at) hospitals, I'm referring to the administration of them (not the hard working, and likely underpaid, doctors/nurses/staff that keeps them running).

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Everything I read about this change makes sense. They don't have enough beds for the adult traffic they have. They are turning people away! Their pediatric care is not able to support the kind of specialized facility that Children's Hospital already has. It was great while it lasted, but times have changed and they are making a decision that is best for the hospital as a whole. You can't keep every operation with a long history going forever. You have to adapt or go under.

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