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Pedestrian in bad shape after being hit by box truck on Cambridge Street in Sullivan Square

Box truck involved in Sullivan Square crash

Photo by Live Boston.

Live Boston reports the pedestrian was hit on Cambridge Street at Spice Street and suffered injuries serious enough to have the homicide unit and fatal-accident reconstruction team called in. State Police shut the off ramp from I-93; BPD shut Cambridge at Maffa Way.


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Sullivan is so incredibly dangerous for pedestrians (not to mention cyclists and motorists) — and the bad Spice Street intersection isn't even the worst one. At the crosswalk where Rutherford northbound meets the rotary, there's no light or even a beg-button walk signal, and the drivers are so focused on looking for an opening in rotary traffic to enter it (in between the throngs of cars entering from the other side when they have the light) that they pay ZERO attention to the crosswalk, so it's pretty much open season on pedestrians. I doesn't help that half of the drivers are also looking down at their phones.

The city's plans to revamp all of Sullivan and Rutherford can't come soon enough (and just got pushed back by another year).

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Charlestown's Sullivan Square area is a horrible intersection--poorly designed and constructed, as well. Moreover, people drive like they're on the Indianapolis Speedway while in that intersection, as well.

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This is the second pedestrian hit in that intersection tonight, correct? Would be great if people with power to change things started to GAF.

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Prior to the casino opening in June 2019, double right turns from the left lane and right on red were banned from the offramp onto Cambridge Street. Rather than crack down on the rampant violations, the restrictions were loosened to allow double turns on green and single turns on red.

Senseless tragedy.

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Also prior to the casino Rutherford Ave was going to be made more pedestrian friendly/safer and eliminate some lanes to create some open space (this was the same time as the grounding of the flyover lanes at forest hills). But Wynn was not into and and Menino killed the community preferred plan. It is ridiculous with a major subway and bus station right there that the area is so hostile to all those trying to get to and from Sullivan station.

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