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Person jumps from Tremont Street garage in Chinatown, dies

A person jumped from the top of the Tufts Medical Center garage at 274 Tremont St. in Chinatown around 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, in an apparent suicide, Tufts told its employees.

The incident has been identified as an apparent suicide; police are investigating. The person was not a Tufts Medical Center employee.

The e-mail lists some resources for employees, then concludes:

This was a tragic incident that happened very close to home. I ask that you do what you normally do – support and care for each other, today and always.

People who are having problems can contact the new national suicide number at 988, or the Samaritans locally.



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But what is up with this developing of jumping off garages? I just don't understand it.

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I was actually a little confused because at first I thought this was the one at back bay today and I know she lived

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How did you hear that she lived? I was there yesterday and have been wondering if she is ok. I can’t find any news coverage of it

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This was an elderly man who was deteriorating.

Unfortunately he did not see any other way to unburden his family .

Rest In Peace

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Garages help you accomplish the task you have intended to carry out.

You have low security, high enough entry point to jump, and hardly anyone is around to try to stop you.

It is very hard to jump from a bridge (non-water). 1. For the most part, the fall is 15 feet from the roadway which might not be enough to kill but enough to cause survivable harm and you have a good chance of really messing up a lot of people in cars (or on bikes). 2. Most bridges have barriers to keep rocks from being thrown over them. They are a pain to get over because the fencing curves inward.

There are jumps from water bridges like the Mass Ave Bridge (the Orange Line Triple Lindy on the Mystic two weeks ago does not count). A Statie who I know told me that they typically get a suicide call from someone who is going to jump but the person immediately commits. Typically the person will weigh themselves down with weights in a backpack to make sure they stay down.

It sucks.

Please call the Samaritans.

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But owners don't usually want to go to the expense until after they start getting lots of bad press.

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It's a really really hard time for people right now (obviously), much more than I think most people are accustomed to in the good ole US of A - combination of economic factors and the ongoing trauma of our toxic political discourse, illness fears from the pandemic, and rapid social isolation as part of lockdown that some folks haven't rebounded well from.

I see it everyday in my practice, and I'll add that difficulty access behavioral health supports, mixed with the ongoing burnout that providers are feeling as we try to support folks through all of this stuff.

When our basic needs are unable to be met, I think it's going to lead to more of this type of thing sadly.

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@John Costello. That explains things.

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