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Man pulled out from under train at Andrew

Firefighters at Andrew Red Line stop

Photo by BFD.

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters responded to Andrew on the Red Line around 1:30 p.m. for a person under a train. The department reports they were able to remove the man and hand him to Boston EMS, which transported him to a local hospital.

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I believe that's two people saved in the last week. BFD spends more time in train stations than T employees including T security.

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My wife and I were sitting in the last car of that Ashmont bound train. After we were stopped for a couple of minutes, the train operator said that there was an emergency, opened all the doors between the cars and had us walk all the way to the front of the train where we were able to exit on the platform as the first train car had already made into the station. We couldn't see anything wrong with the train but were told that someone was underneath it.

On the train platform there were half a dozen addicts in various state of agitation over the incident. From what we heard some of them knew the person who was lodged under the train and nobody knew what his condition was at the time. Emergency response started rushing down the stairs. We decided we'd be better off hiking the rest of the way to Fields Corner and walked out of the station. Just outside the station we walked past a man and a woman in a zombie state. By the time we crossed the Andrew Square intersection I counted a dozen emergency vehicles -mostly fire trucks- filling up the bus yard.

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and wondered how they keep from falling over, considering that they *almost* topple over about once a minute.

I guess sometimes they do.

(What kind of drug causes this? Opioids?)

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Benzos combined w methadone have a distinctive presentation. That is what one sees all the time in and around Andrew Square. People so bent over forward that you think that they will topple. Next time you pass by one shout, “you OK” they pop right up

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Seen the same thing around Forest Hills station.

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