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Police: Driver lets pedestrian cross in front of him at Brookline intersection, then gets out and robs him at gunpoint

Brookline Police report a man walking down Francis Street Tuesday night was robbed at gunpoint by a driver who had let him cross at an intersection a block away.

Police say the driver let the man cross Harrison Street, then pulled his car over and got out, around 10:30 p.m.

The victim reported that he was walking on Francis Street when the suspect’s vehicle stopped to let him cross Harrison Street. As the victim continued walking on Francis Street, he looked behind him and saw that the male suspect was running in his direction. The victim began to run away but the suspect quickly caught up to him. The victim stopped and noticed that the suspect had a black firearm in his hand. The suspect demanded the victim’s wallet, cell phone and pass code for his cell phone. The victim complied and the suspect ran back to his vehicle and fled from Francis Street onto Toxteth.

The suspect was described as a skinny black male in his early 20s, wearing a light grey hooded sweatshirt, possibly light grey pants and a black mask.
The suspect’s vehicle was described as a silver sedan.

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that's a very distinctive description

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Brookline - a genteel, civilized place with orderly crime.

Yields to a pedestrian crossing the street.
Doesn't violate overnight street parking bans.

Committed part of the crime on foot, too!

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Ok as a Brookline resident whose spouse works in that area I am concerned, but that last post made me laugh.

The perp also put the stolen items in a reusable shopping bag.

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Drivers are going to rob you!

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Talk about scofflaw drivers!!!!!

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