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Police say they rolled up a crew of wire-spool stealers in West Roxbury

Boston Police report half a dozen men up from Providence who police say shoplifted spools of electrical wire from the West Roxbury Home Depot on Thursday, then returned to remove more Friday morning, only they got caught.

Police say the six men stole, or tried to steal, a total of $31,000 worth of spools of wire on their two visits to the VFW Parkway big-box store, the second around 6:25 a.m. on Friday.

Jonathon Amperez-Perez, 31, Miguel Perez, 36, Abner Perez, 28, Jose Pirir, 37, Abraham Dayger-Enrique, 23, and Franklin Salas, 25, are scheduled for arraignment Monday in West Roxbury Municipal Court on a charge of shoplifting, $1,200 and over.

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They got the wrong kind of copper.

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Spectacular. Even with today’s high copper prices this is easily 3 to 4000 Lbs. of wire; not something to burry inside a jacket. Did they hide it inside an inflatable Santa?

South Bay is my go-to Home Depot. It’s always busy and it’s all self-checkout with a couple of attendants. It seems ridiculously easy to walk out of that place without paying or cheating with the self-scanning and hiding/not paying for small high-value items. The losses must be colossal. I don’t get it.

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Are there no Home Depot's in Rhode Island or did they already raid them all? I wonder if this qualifies as interstate trafficking?

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