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Police say they've nabbed the Brighton creeper

Brighton creeper

You won't see him out on Halloween, police say.

Boston Police report they've arrested a man they say had become a peeping pest in the side streets surrounding the intersection of Chestnut Hill and Commonwealth avenues.

Police say officers responding to a call for a suspicious person at Strathmore and Lothian roads found Oqueli Pascual-Hernadez, a.k.a. Pascual Oqueli, 33, of Brighton, skulking around, around 10:20 p.m. on Saturday.

Pascual-Hernandez already had an outstanding warrant charging him with breaking and entering on Egremont Road, so he was arrested for that. But police say he now also faces arraignment in Brighton Municipal Court this morning for criminal harassment, being a peeping Tom and trespassing for several incidents on and near Braemore Road.

Police add detectives are continuing to investigate his possible connection to additional creeping incidents in the area.

Innocent, etc.



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Oddly, there is no mention of this on Live Boston.

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[Update, per Adam's comment below]
Given the concern about this person, it's also bizarre that BPD didn't issue a statement until around 24 hours after he was arrested!

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He was arrested 10:20 p.m. on Saturday, BPD posted about him Sunday night. And I, taking it easy last night, didn't see that until this morning.

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I wonder if they didn't announce it because then every frat boy in the city would have had an easy costume choice that would have generated a lot of nuisance calls?

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♪ Jeepers, Creepers ♪
♪ How'd you get those peers ♪
♪ Jeepers, Creepers ♪
♪ How'd you get those eyes ♪

(the center picture)

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I found this guy and his sartorial choices very creepy.

Very glad they caught him. Halloween would have been like that Halloween movie where Jason was walking around among the trick or treaters.

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