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Police try to ID Nazis for possible A&B charges in Copley Square

WBUR reports on a possible followup to Saturday's brownpants march along the Freedom Trail.

Thomas Rousseau, the leader of the khaki brigade, known for his cowboy hat, was there. So was the guy who rented the U-Haul they used for their Captain America riot shields - who, along with Cowboy Tommy, was part of the clown-car takedown in Idaho a couple weeks ago.

Local law-enforcement officials are scheduled to meet at BPD headquarters today to discuss white supremacists in the area. Mayor Wu has scheduled a 12:30 p.m. press conference after the briefing.

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Can't the MBTA track whoever paid for their charlie cards? The videos from the fare gates at Oak Grove and Back Bay would show whether they paid their fares.

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I heard that people followed them on the T back to their cars and then took pics of their license plates to post online. No doubt that info is out there on some instagram account. (cars no doubt registered to their mothers, so check mom's basement for aforementioned brown pantsers).

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They wouldn't have to try so hard if they'd been doing their jobs and arrested them at the scene. But when your sympathies lay with the oppressors, what's a little inefficiency? Hell, it's just overtime.

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But people are allowed to protest. Unpopular speech isn't illegal in the USA this isn't the E.U or Russia.

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The guy who got caught in the middle of the Junior SA outside the old New England Power building down from the BPL.

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Totally. Even though this really resembles behaviors in certain places in Europe and Russia, give or take a few decades.

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But people are allowed to protest.

Do tell. What exactly were the protesting? What do they find objectionable? Let's have it right out there. And how does their freedom to walk their dumb Nazi asses around in public spaces expressing their objections square with their identity as a known terrorist organization?

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A&B is assault and battery. That is violence. See the picture in the linked article of a bunch of these terrorists hiding behind masks beating up a black man.

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They're being sought for assault and battery - attacking a Black man who was in the way of their march.

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The charges would probably start with assault and battery--physically attacking someone so that he went to Tufts Medical Center, where he was treated for injuries to his hands and face.

"Start with" because, as described, this was members of an organized white supremacist group, and they attacked Murrell because of his race. So that might include hate crime charges, or something gang-related.

How much violence are you prepared to accept and excuse as "protest" and "unpopular speech"? If someone tells his companions "let's go beat that guy up," and they do, his hands aren't clean even if he stands back during the attack.

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"Police try to ID Nazis"

In the style of MAD Magazine's Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions:

1) Since when do police discuss internal affairs matters with the public?
2) Have they tried checking their PTO requests for that day yet?
3) Maybe if you'd shown up to do your jobs when the scanner call came in for them retrieving shields and riot gear from a UHaul instead of "monitoring them by camera", you could have asked to see their ID in person.

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