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On hottest day of the year, manholes blow up and power goes out across Dorchester

Outages all over Dorchester

Eversource outage map at 3:27. Compare to map at 2:56.

A couple of manholes blew up in Savin Hill around 2:30 p.m. on Sunday and the lights - and air conditioning - went out across Dorchester, from Lower Mills up to Port Norfolk.

Some people reported electricity came back within 15 minutes, but others are getting texts their power won't be restored until 5:45 or so.

Eversource reported more than 9,000 residential and business customers without power in Boston.

Lima reports:

I’ve got my 3 month old looking at me like I’m crazy asking him to nap in 99 degree weather instead of his usual 75 cool room



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Where is the city government?

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Last time I checked, utilities were regulated at the state and federal level. The city government already had cooling centers open, yes?

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Michelle Wu is sitting in her office mashing her giant "make the power company's infrastructure" explode button.

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I'm going out on a limb and stating Wu did not push the button to cut off power to Dorchester and Southie.

But it is a fact that Russian hackers have managed to get into electric grid systems, although there is no reporting that I have read that says they actually caused harm or outages. But it seems that they and others are very interested in exploring the vulnerabilities of our power grid.

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The other day I stubbed my toe on a chair in my kitchen. It hurt like heck but the first thing I thought was "Damn you Michelle Wu!!!"

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... a euphemism for explosive diarrhea.

glad no one was hurt.

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If the T has a fire or a collision there is a formal federal investigation. But what kind of investigation happens when there's a "fire in a manhole" and "damaged equipment" that causes 10s of thousands of people to lose power when the temperature is pushing 100?

Will there be reporting about the cause? Will there be improvement of equipment or policies as a result?

I think we all deserve answers and solutions. Losing power for 3 hours (for me) in Dorchester yesterday was unacceptable. And when I woke up this morning, the Eversource outage map showed many customers in South Boston still didn't have power

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But they fixed it fairly quickly.

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