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Probationary state trooper indicted as drunk Expressway smoocher whose antics killed a motorcyclist

A Suffolk County grand jury yesterday indicted now former State Trooper Kristopher Carr, 26, on a charge of motor-vehicle homicide while drunk for causing a crash on the Southeast Expressway last fall that killed a motorcyclist, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Prosecutors charge that Carr, of Monson and just a month out of the State Police academy, was drunk as he drove his Explorer down the high-speed lane on I-93 and leaned over to kiss the woman in the passenger seat:

As he did so, he caused the truck to swerve and strike the median barrier. The SUV sustained damage to the front driver’s side and its airbags deployed as a result of the crash. It came to a stop perpendicular to the median, prosecutors said.

Christopher Zike, driving a motorcycle, slammed into the new SUV wreckage, was thrown from his bike and suffered fatal injuries, officials say.

In a statement, acting DA Kevin Hayden said:

As a member of law enforcement, Kristopher Carr had first-hand knowledge of the consequences that can result from driving drunk. That he chose to ignore those consequences cost Christopher Zike his life.

Innocent, etc.



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