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Proposed Mattapan condo building would give residents easy access to late-night hot dogs

Rendering of proposed 1525 Blue Hill Ave.

Rendering by Spalding Tougias Architects.

The family that owns a house turned health-services building at 1525 Blue Hill Ave. has filed plans to replace it with a five-story building with 16 condos and ground-floor commercial space that 5-story, approximately 21,920 sf building containing 16 residential units and ground floor space for the counseling and medical offices to return.

Residents would be just a couple doors down from Simco's.

In a filing with the BPDA, Dimitry Petion of Milton says the building would have four 3-bedroom, four 2-bedroom, and eight 1-bedroom units. Two of the units would be sold as affordable.

The building would be far enough away from the front lot line to allow for the widening of the sidewalk and the planting of street trees.

The zoning for the two lots that would be combined for the building would require 17 parking spaces. Petion is proposing 9, but says the building is pretty transit-oriented: A two-minute walk to the Blue Hill Avenue stop on the Fairmount Line and 28 and 29 bus stops and a ten-minute walk to the Mattapan station on the Mattapan trolley line.

Petion estimates construction would take 15 months.

1525 Blue Hill Ave. filings and calendar.



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Within in a year Simco's will be forced to scale back their hours due to noise complaints.

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To say that it doesn't fit the character of the neighborhood, and that it doesn't "feel right" to them.

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About how Blue Hill Ave. is turning into a tunnel of condos.

And not enough parking!!!

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This proposal will only be a problem if she prefers the Mattapan Simcos to the Roslindale Simcos.

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Or was parking conveniently omitted?

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Nine parking spaces proposed.

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