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Putschy woman from Natick pleads guilty to milling about the Capitol and screaming on 1/6

Ianni in Capitol

Ianni in Capitol, next to fellow failed putschist Mark Sahady, still facing charges.

The Natick woman who organized bus rides on 1/6 for would-be Massachusetts coup'ers pleaded guilty today for her role in the the failed putsch: Screaming while milling about inside the Capitol after others broke through police lines and into the building.

According to a "statement of offense" filed by the US Attorney's office in Washington along with Suzanne Ianni's plea agreement - which reduces her original three charges to just one:

SUZANNE IANNI knowingly and voluntarily admits to all the elements of Disorderly Conduct in a Capitol Building. Specifically, the defendant admits that she willfully and knowingly entered the U.S. Capitol Building knowing that that she did not have permission to do so. The defendant further admits that while inside the Capitol, she willfully and knowingly uttered loud, threatening, or abusive language, or engaged in disorderly or disruptive conduct with the intent to impede, disrupt, or disturb the orderly conduct of a session of Congress.

More specifically:

At about 2:40 PM, the defendant was on restricted grounds, outside of the Capitol near the Fire Door exit to the Senate Parliamentarian's office. While there, defendant was with a large group of people chanting and yelling, "Fight for Trump" and "our house." At the time, people near the defendant were forcing entry into the Capitol by breaking windows, forcing open doors and breaching police barricades.

At about 2:45 PM, the defendant entered the Fire Door next to the Senate Parliamentarian's office. She proceeded into and through the Capitol, past the North Door Appointment Desk, then back down the Brumidi Corridor, and exited out the North Door at approximately 3:04 PM.

If a judge in Washington court agrees to the deal, Ianni could face up to six months behind bars. The deal also calls for her to pay $500 to the Architect of the Capitol for her sliver of the roughly $1.5 million in damage that was done to the building during the failed insurrection.

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It's really sad that we can't call traitors traitors anymore. Trying to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States makes you a traitor not a trespasser. Even if they claim the TFG told them to do it they're still traitors.

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What do they mean by Putschy? Is that sympathetic to Putin or it in reference to the Beer Hall Putsch?

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And riffing off an old Eagles song.

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Given the pronounced resemblance to the Beer Hall Putsch, I'd be surprised if it were anything else. One thing I like about Adam as a journalist, he doesn't mince words when it comes to our repulsive homegrown fascists.

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It's really sad that we can't call traitors traitors anymore.

It's this kind of sad:


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There's a definitely a group here that likes to pretend they were oppressed. But it's not the people who want to use the word "traitors" to describe a bunch of folks who deliberately tried to disrupt the proceedings of Congress in order to unlawfully change the established government of the United States

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God, here we go again.

First you get handfuls of fascists demonstrating in public. (Never one alone: cowardice is fundamental to their makeup, and they only feel brave when they have numbers on their side.)

The Serious People and Sensible Centrists laugh them off. Sounds reasonable enough, show these clowns that you're not impressed and they might go try their luck elsewhere.

It doesn't work like that and soon you have bigger groups. Rallies (usually with torches), gangs in cities beating up Others, the occasional murder. The SP/Cs clutch their pearls, decry the Isolated Violent Incidents, and vow to defend the Right To Free Speech.

Then the first coup attempt. It fails due, essentially, to being half-assed. Pearls are clutched so hard this time that the strands break and solidified bivalve mucus flies everywhere. A few people even do time! That'll show them!

Next item on the agenda, it says here, would be a false flag terrorist attack blamed on the left. If any government buildings burn down soon and every sign points to Antifa or Jane's Revenge or some other organization that mainly exists in the fevered imagination of right-wingers, that's about when I start to pack my bags. In my case, ironically enough, the most promising refuge looks to be Germany.

Essentially, if you have ever said "Never again" and meant it, this is the point where the bill comes due.

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This woman is clearly crazy, but not necessarily incapable of understanding consequences. She should be jailed for far more than six months. I don't know why they reduced the charges; there's no reason I can see to give her a deal. Throw her in jail for as long as possible, see how she likes life in an orange jumpsuit, and she may emerge with some understanding that she doesn't have to like life without Trump but she does have to lump it.

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By getting her off the docket, prosecutors have that much more time to concentrate on the people who actually led the failed insurrection.

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...she organized the buses. She's not just some random dingbat with a red hat. She needs to go away for a long time.

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> This woman is clearly crazy

I'd like to believe this too. Can you point to anything that makes you think that she is mentally ill, assuming for the sake of argument that we don't stipulate that supporting Trump is prima facie evidence of that? I had a look at the story, the plea offer, and the offense statement, and I didn't see any.

That said I agree with your basic point, which is that six months is ridiculous. I wonder if the judge in question is an elected official...the Internet would know.

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Her sentence will be handed down by a federal judge - like all other federal judges, appointed and then approved by the Senate.

She's only agreed to plead guilty; the judge has yet to rule, and the judge is free to ignore the deal she and the US Attorney's office worked out. The US Attorney's office is part of the Justice Department, which is currently overseen by an Attorney General appointed by Pres. Biden.

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My mistake, it even says so right there: "If a judge in Washington court agrees to the deal".

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On re-reading the article though, if you happen to miss (like I did) the fact that the US Attorney brought the charge, it's less clear than it could be that this is a Federal as opposed to local District-of-Columbia court.

(And yes you could certainly argue that the fact that this all happened at the Capitol, etc. obviously makes this Federal, but all I can say to that is I guess you're thinking a few steps ahead of me here. IANAL, I work for a living.)

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was excellent.

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Can you point to anything that makes you think that she is mentally ill, assuming for the sake of argument that we don't stipulate that supporting Trump is prima facie evidence of that?

I'm not a mental health professional, but she's delusional. I don't know if you've followed her case at all, but she is a member of so-called "Super Happy Fun America", an anti-LGBTQ hate group. She organized buses to the January 6 on the group's behalf and promoted the delusional belief that the election had been stolen. And she has promoted false and delusional beliefs about covid. Do you need more?

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