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Recognize these firefighters from back in the day?

Boston firefighters in 1978 - who are they?

The folks at the City Archives have posted photos of three firefighters at a fire after the Blizzard of '78 and wonder if you can identify them and the location of the fire. This isn't a quiz - this time, they don't know the answer either and are seeking help.

Fire building in 1978
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Ray McDonough, John P. and Marshal Lebrun

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Maybe one of the arson for profit fires in Fenway or Alston/Brighton. It does not look like fenway.

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That's Sully on the left. In the middle is Sully, and the guy on the right I believe his name was Sully.

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Jakes, not Jamokes.

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and joe besser

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I'm pretty sure the guy in the middle is Mark Wahlberg.

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Engine 17 is Meeting House Hill, Engine 21 is Columbia Rd.
So... Something in Dorchester?
When did Saint Ambrose burn? Saint William's?
I missed the second photo on my phone, so definitely not the church fires.

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Somewhere where the houses are right up against each other.
Older man on left likely senior officer or chaplain?

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Beautiful church. All dark wood interior.

Burned January 11 1984, the day Bernie The Pimp was named Archbishop.

St. Williams was earlier. 1980 I think. The arrogance of the priest who picked the architect for the rebuild was unreal after thousands of working class people "Bought A Brick" to rebuild a 1920's Spanish style church were then told to stick their ideas for rebuilding up their rear.

For those of you who are interested in lazy architecture look at what St. William's is now, the SDA Church at 1048 Dot Ave, and then take a ride over the Neponset to the Cathay Pacific at the corner of Hancock Street and Newport Avenue. Not much difference.

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It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that the folks at the archives were quizzing us and they did not in fact need help ID'ing the photos. This is the first one I've seen where they are actually asking for help.

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No, its not the first. They've done this before. Especially in shots of pol's meeting groups of people.

GBH Archive on Twitter does this too. Sometimes whats written on the tape box (or in Boston City Archives case, back of the photo) just isn't enough.

God knows i have enough photos of random people I've long since forgotten who they are and why I took their photo.

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Bill Noonan. I bet he could name two out of three if he was stopped at a red light and you walked up to the driver's side window with this image.

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