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Red and Orange lines both going slow; can we just chalk this up to the snow?

Crowded Orange Line train

Tim Lawrence shares his view on the Orange Line at rush hour, adds:

Horrible crowding thanks to 15 minute (!) rush hour (!) headways on the Orange Line tonight. Absolutely awful. What in the world is going on?

Over on the Red Line, Benjamin Chan is not feeling the T love either:

15 mins red line delays this morning and a shortage of cars...took 1 hr 20 mins to get to work. Now again 15 mins red line delays in both directions for this evening peak.

The T says no delays on the Orange Line, but blames a deceased train at Alewife for delays on the Red Line.

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there's some ambulatory shit stain who thinks masks are for everyone else.

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And don't call him out or you may get a bite taken out of your face.

I called a guy out for smoking at the gas pump the other day and he gave me a creepy stare that warned me to not point out that he could set himself on fire.

These people see it as a constant battle against the oppressors and all their arbitrary rules. But hey, give him some bonus points for taking public transportation and not rolling coal in his jacked up penis compensator.

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I'm stealing that!

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From the President to the Governor to the Mayor all issued orders that unmasked passengers on Public Transportation would be given a fine of 300 dollars. Why have the police refused to issued mask citations?

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Do you have a source for that?

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On the Orange Line, in a packed train due to a dead car, another fellow, maskless, looking at pictures on his laptop, while playing music loud enough to hear throughout the car either from or to his iPhone. The iPhone of course had to occupy the seat next to him while plenty of folks were standing.

I nominate him for Masshole of the Year.

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Again, WHERE DID THE MONEY GO?????????????????????????????????

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