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Red Line service shut after man winds up on tracks at Andrew, bleeding from the head

Transit Police and Boston firefighters responded to the inbound side of the Andrew Red Line station around 10:40 p.m. after a man somehow wound up on the tracks, bleeding from the head, next to the third rail as a train was coming in.

The man was not under the train, so firefighters were able to quickly get him off the tracks and hand him over to Boston EMS for transport to a local hospital.

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Is that there are out of town buyers still forking over mega cash for little condos right in the middle of all this. We'd been in the city for decades then sold and left the Triangle because it had gotten so bad recently.

The most we dealt with were drunk kids pissing in our yard during the Parade and the usual cast of drunks and riff-raff.

Towards the end we found needles in our gated yard, gouge marks on window sills from attempted break-ins, and a little "nest" of sorts where someone had gotten their fix and spent the night.

Every few years there'd be big promises of vibrant construction with transit improvements as well as retail and restaurants spaces. Amazon, Washington Village (lol), levelling and rebuilding McCormack Projects.

But they were merely a carrot after carrot dangled in our faces as massive out-of-code condos were dropped between triple deckers almost overnight.

To be clear; I'm a strong proponent of safe-injection sites, and VASTLY more funding for mental health and addicton but we could only take so much despite pleading with COMPLETELY unintrested local officials.

And all of this falls squarely on Marty Walsh and John Fish. ALL OF IT.

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Were your new neighbors cool with the deteriorating state of things? Were any of them interested in making a fuss, too? I feel like for all the woes of gentrification, if my concern was forcing the mayor to listen to my complaints, having a bunch of bougie out of town rich neighbors who drop half a mil for a closet and then find it in the middle of hamsterdam levels of decay might be useful. Clueless suburban young adults who consider themselves "pet parents" aren't going to want their dogs eating needles, etc, right? Finance-Bros don't want their hot girlfriends hassled by homeless dudes late at night while waiting for an uber, right?

Surprised the old neighborhood couldn't temporarily ally with the new to try and up the pressure for this problem in particular.

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It's the second incident of that nature at that location within four months and probably not the last. That station is populated with a lot of people who -to put it nicely- are not very steady on their feet.


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If someone is intoxicated, impaired, asleep, or clearly not there to ride a train or bus, they should be removed from the station. Ignoring them or deliberately allowing them to stay (like the protest against adding armrests to benches) leads to incidents like this.

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