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Revere sting hooks six men looking for some paid love, State Police say

State Police report arresting six men who arrived at a Revere hotel Wednesday for an assignation with what they thought would be a lady of the evening but who turned out to be an undercover cop.

The men, from Braintree, Revere, Lawrence, Melrose, Saugus and Lynn now face charges of sexual conduct for a fee.

State Police say the men all responded to online ads and then agreed on times to arrive at the hotel and get them some - only to be met by members of a task force that included officers from State, Boston and Revere Police and FBI agents. The Plymouth County Sheriff's Department also participated.


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as in your previous report on Wednesday?

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The staties didn't state.

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What a waste of taxpayer money. While they were doing this fentanyl dealers and drunk drivers were going free.

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5 law enforcement agencies for a sting like this?
Is that normal?

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Stop this. If it's not a teens ad online- stop arresting sex workers and their Johns.

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… the men thought they were going to take advantage of an underage girl, I’d be happier about this.
Otherwise independent ladies of the night should be allowed to do business.

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That is an important part of the anti human trafficking effort. I'm all for it, reduce the demand. The debate over legalizing prostitution should commence, but until the law changes there will always be trafficking and there really aren't many "independent" ladies of the night, someone is always trying to control them and get a cut of their take.

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Don't think you're reducing demand, just pushing it along to somewhere else. Acknowledge that this stuff will happen and make sure it happens safely between consenting adults.

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...you're correct that this is the right approach if you think there shouldn't be any prostitution, ever. Much better than just putting all the burden on the sex workers, some of whom are indeed victims of trafficking.

(As for how to legalize... I'm aware that there are difficulties there, and that legalization can be invasive and burdensome, but I've heard that *some* areas have done it well so I'm vaguely in favor of following whatever models worked. Having a legal outlet will make it easier to squash the human traffickers.)

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The more illegal their work is, the more underground and dangerous it becomes. When it is legal or technically illegal but treated like jaywalking, they can use platforms that let them screen clients, which is much safer. When it is underground, they are more likely to be taken advantage of.

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