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Revere's last torah now in Kenya

When Temple B’nai Israel in Revere closed in 2019, one question was what would happen to its last remaining torah scroll. The Jewish Journal recounts its journey to a new congregation, in Kenya. It was not as easy a transfer as you might think - the first time final B'nai Israel President Debbie Cherry flew to Kenya with it, the airline lost it.



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When I was flying back from Kenya they disconnected the power cable from the airport to the plane before the plane had started the engines. Apparently that plane is unable to start the engines from battery and needs power from the ground for a jumpstart to get going.

Without shore power, the lighting and ventilation inside the large airplane completely stopped. There was ~300 people or so, sitting in a dim metal tube in the hot sun with no ventilation whatsoever. Things heat up real fast. They opened the doors to the plane but without any fans it didn't do much.

To reconnect the power was a lengthy process that took about 90 minutes. It felt like being in an actual oven. Hard to breath by the end.

I will say the rest of my trip to Kenya was excellent. I was in a rural area for about 3 weeks for work. Good people and interesting countryside.

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