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Roslindale Square restaurant to serve last meal on Saturday

Birch Street Bistro announced this morning its closing forever on Saturday, after 19 years.



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I was glad to see all the local places survived covid but maybe it was too much to hope for. I wonder if Sophias will move into that space?

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A new restaurant will be moving in to the old Birch Street Bistro: new interior, new menu.

Sophia's Grotto is staying put as far as I know.

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Sorry for the B St staff, hope they get taken care of and/or had some notice.

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Do you know what the new one will be like?

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Had such a good time I asked for a BSB gift certificate for Christmas. Guess I better get in for dinner again this week!

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Rumor is that some manner of South American cuisine may be coming into the space, we'll see if that materializes or not. I would be happy if it did; nice to mix in a few more flavors in the village.

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