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Roslindale Substation formally re-opens as co-working space/beer hall with a pop-up bookshop

Violinsts in the Roslindale Substation

The Substation in Roslindale Square formally opened today, starting with a performance by Musiconnects overlooking Adams Park.

The former trolley substation at Washington Street and Cummins Highway has actually been open for several years, with uses that have included a craft-beer shop and a beer hall.

Adam Rogoff, who helped steer the transformation of a decaying, unused eyesore into a large community space, said that going forward, the building with the tall ceilings - and a heavy hook left over from its electrical-power days, will serve as home base for WorkHub at the SubStation, a beer hall served by a rotation of local breweries, currently the Brockton Beer Co. and for a series of events.



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I appreciate the musicians. Will check this place out.

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Musicians won't be on the regular schedule (but circus performers will!), one thing they don't want to do is compete with the Square Root, which has its own musical calendar.

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Rozzie Bound Co-Op Bookstore will be there each Saturday. Check out our website for ordering any book you want, and also local author events!

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