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The secret hiding place of the US Open buses revealed

Lots of buses

Brendan reports the Dedham Mall has finally found a use for its usually half-empty parking lot off Incinerator Road: Fill them with the buses and shuttle vans that will carry the Lacoste set to and from the US Open at, not just any country club, but THE Country Club.

Ed. note: On a food run to the Stop & Shop there just now, I noticed a bunch of the vans were from Morgan State, which is in Maryland.



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I'm pissed that I didn't stop and get a photo while I was out roaming, but there is a fleet of at least 20, brand new Lexus SUVs parked at Hanscom field. They each have signs on their side saying Lexus, the official vehicle of the US Open. It appeared they were ready to ferry the private jet types that will be flying in, over to Brookline.

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