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Serial bank robber who only got out of prison last month is nabbed for Cambridge bank robbery this afternoon, police say

Cambridge Police report arresting a 51-year-old man with a criminal record that dates to childhood on charges he robbed a bank on Alewife Brook Parkway this afternoon.

Kim Daley, formerly of Boston and now of Malden, only got out of federal prison on May 9 after serving a 100-month sentence for robbing three banks, including a Rockland Trust branch in Allston, in 2015. In December, 2020, a federal judge denied his request for early release due to Covid-19, concluding society was more at risk from him reoffending than he was from potential risks of contracting Covid-19 due to his asthma.

According to Cambridge Police, Daley robbed one of the bank branches on Alewife Brook Parkway shortly before 4:30 p.m. by giving a demand note to a teller.

After a BOLO was issued, Daley was spotted by the off-duty officer in a grocery store and taken into custody by patrol officers while inside a nearby River Street pharmacy. A show up was conducted and the teller positively identified Daley.

In addition to the 2015 bank robberies - which he committed only weeks after his release on a probation violation for a 2013 breaking-and-entering conviction - Daley has a criminal record that dates to when he was just 12, including 24 convictions as an adult, according to a prosecution filing in the 2015 case:

These convictions include assault and battery, multiple B/E charges, assault, drug possession, and armed robbery. Daley has been sentenced to prison on over 20 occasions. These sentences, as outlined in the [probation department's pre-sentencing report], range from days and months to extended sentences in the Massachusetts State Prisons.

Innocent, etc.

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that can hold him.

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I thought the seriousness of robbing banks would have a more stiffer sentence like 15 to 25 years.

I guess this fella actually WANTED to go back to prison ASAP for the free bed, free room (jail cell), and free food. Hope he gets another long sentence!

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Path dependence. Needs retraining.

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He was probably sentenced to 10-12, but only served 8. But 8 is a long time! If you ever spent time in jail, one week is a long time. Nobody wants to go back to jail. Human beings don't like cages. The length of a sentence isn't connected to deterring crime, a "stiffer sentence" doesn't help someone stay out of trouble once they get out, but it does cause taxpayers more money. Prison doesn't deter crime it just removes people from society. Most people who go to prison once go back again and again. You're actually more likely to go to prison if you have already been to prison. What a crazy country we live in.

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