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Shooting at South Shore Plaza Forever 21: People run for their lives, mall locked down, police arrive from all over

WCVB reports the shooting was around 3 p.m.

People ran for their lives:

Shortly before 4 pm., Braintree Police reported:


Steve Cooper at WHDH reports that two weeks ago, a man got eight years in prison for shooting somebody at the mall in 2020.

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It's not the Braintree Mall. When it was built it was an open plaza with no roof and the plaza it will always be.

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This is hilarious. There was a shooting and someone is making a point to argue over what the name of the mall is.

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Sorry your standards are so low.

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My heart aches for the people that were there. I can't even imagine how scared they must have been. The video alone scared me.

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And was locked down for approx. 45 min.

Incredibly grateful for the officers who ran into the Plaza not knowing what was going on.

Because I didn’t see and keyboard warriors who constantly demand we defund the police storm in, nor did I see any social workers.

Thankfully is wasn’t a mass shooting.

Also, in hindsight, we clearly saw people running towards the shooting. If you don’t know what’s going on and particularly where. Stay put and assess the situation.

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I am a Social Worker and nobody has ever called me, or tried to recruit me for this imaginary battalion of social work warriors. We have amazing training and skills, but there is no real political will to use it. By the time a client gets to me....

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Or it didn't happen.

Too easy to claim to have been there while waging war with your keyboard as an anon. Please link to your tik tok or insta.

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They said they were there. Who cares if they’re making it up, or were actually there? Clearly they support the police. I realize that’s a polarizing topic now, but by them posting a picture or video will change your reaction? I don’t think so.

You have a few great and very insightful posts, but then you act like a five year old the rest of the time. Sometimes you don’t need to comment. It’s ok.

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Also that they are ANON?

I'm calling bullshit - 99,999 to 1 odds they weren't there at all. Their whole "story" is nothing but a pathetic pretense for a standard canned blue lives keyboard warrior "COPS are HEROES OR ELSE" talking points.

That's why I care - this is bullshit, and it should be called out by its smell.

If this were a regular commentator, my trust level would be higher. Keyboard warriors like anon are well known for stolen valor after all.

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“Defund the police” means reallocating or redirecting funding away from the police department to other government agencies funded by the local municipality. That’s it.

“Defund” does not mean abolish policing.

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There should be a bot that attaches this to every "thin blue line" post bashing police reform.

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My life history with police is profoundly mixed. I’ve known some really good cops but also had family, friends and myself traumatized by truly horrible behavior that was condoned - even encouraged - by the current system. So I am wholeheartedly in favor of rethinking policing and reallocating significant govt resources to professionals with skills and agenda that are non-coercive, de-escalating and conflict-preventative.

Having said that, “Defund” is a really poor word to describe that process. Even if it does not technically mean “complete removal of funding”, that’s how most people hear it (and let’s be honest, it’s what most early users of the phrase meant - and some still mean). And like it or not, at this point in our history, we still do need people who are prepared and willing to run towards the active shooter.

Advocates of policing change would be better served by finding different language that puts emphasis on the creation of a new system rather than destruction of the old.

A pithy slogan is not more important than the end goal.

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Thank you for saying this. Been thinking this for a while down.

In favor of reallocation. but the choice of slogan. 'Defund' is a really bad choice of words for this, because most people will see it as "stop all funding". And frankly I did until someone explained this to me last year.

Really poor communication on this.

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My son was there. He called me and said as soon as they heard people yelling someone got shot they hightailed it the hell out of there!
I remember when it used to be a nice place.

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Your poor son - and you. That must have been horrifying. Thank God he is safe. I too remember when the place was safe (and when there was no roof - I was very young then though)

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or of some other store in the mall?

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Two males "encountered" each other in the store, one pulled a gun and shot the other, according to the police at the first press conference they held.

Does not appear to be random, suspect believed to have fled the scene immediately, no threat remaining to the area, victim is a 26 year old male from Boston, not much else has been released officially.

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isn't polite.

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You'd think that a shooting in a suburban mall would interest their readers.

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It's been up since at least 3:47pm, and is the #2 "most read" on the homepage right now.

By Nick Stoico and John Hilliard Globe Correspondent and Globe Staff,Updated January 22, 2022, 3:47 p.m.


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