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Six-story apartment building proposed for Western Avenue in Brighton, just around corner from all the other new apartments

The owner of the Irving gas station at 500 Western Ave. in Brighton will soon file plans to replace it with a six-story, 118-unit apartment building that will feature some "district parking" to make up for the lost of on-street spaces in a planned city upgrade and rezoning of Western Avenue.

The proposed building would sit next to the new Radius building at Western Avenue and Leo Birmingham Parkway, the first of a series of residential building stretching down Leo Birmingham to Lincoln Street. The roughly three-quarter-acre lot would include land along Richardson Street.

In a letter of intent filed today with the BPDA, Ardashes Garabedian's attorney said the building would have 18% of its apartments rented as income-restricted, rather than the 13% the city requires. The building will also have space set aside for ground-floor retail and for some artist live/work units.

500 Western Ave. filings.

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That area is becoming a pretty good place to live with the Arsenal area being rebuilt the way it has combined with the Speedway and Guest St improvements...if they just bury the Pike all the way to 128, we could be really going places.

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What is a "district parking" program? The Letter of Intent is the only document at that link, and it doesn't explain what it is.

Googling the Western Ave redesign didn't find anything about parking, except vague references to reducing parking minimums for new projects.

There is a proposal to make Western Ave one way for cars, heading out of the neighborhood (eastbound east of Telford St, westbound west of Everett St), with a two-way busway and cycle tracks. That should be interesting. I've never heard of a one way street that isn't paired with a nearby street going in the opposite direction with frequent connector streets. Having to circle all the way around the neighborhood to Market St/North Harvard St to come back on Soldiers Field Road every time you drive to your house or a store will be a serious inconvenience.

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