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Some BU students want return to remote learning as long as Covid-19 positivity rates are high

The Daily Free Press reports on a walkout by social-work students - and some professors.



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Idiotic virtue signaling.

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Read the article, friend. Hear from the School or Social Work students who are concerned about the risk of spreading COVID to the elderly and disadvantaged folks they work with, about the high positivity rates and BU’s decision to stop contact tracing,

Then please reconsider your conclusion (there’s an edit button!), so we don’t conclude that you’re an idiotic troll.

(P.S. There are good reasons to require in-person learning and not offer remote options, “stop virtue signaling!” isn’t one of them.)

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Your point is taken.

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Saying that BU “stopped contact tracing” is a bit of a red herring in this argument. BU’s contact tracing NEVER defined classmates or professors as close contacts. (BU faculty here) If you had a student in your class who tested positive even an hour after class, neither you (faculty) nor any classmates were considered to be close contacts because everyone was masked, even if it was a 3 hour seminar in a small room. Yes, if you were eating lunch at the cafeteria with someone, sharing a table, eating unmasked, and then you tested positive, the lunch buddy would be considered a close contact and would be notified. But not in classes, not in office hours, not in on-campus tutoring or on-campus meetings—if masked, they weren’t close contacts.

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Thanks for the context!

Curious, what’s your opinion as a faculty member on remote learning options?

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I am very glad we are in person and will stay that way. Remote classes were bad, but LfA (hybrid) was even worse. Students are tested twice a week, faculty once a week minimum but more often if we like. They gave everyone the fancy masks if you want to use them, and it's all feeling extremely safe. I know that opinions vary, though, but I can't see us returning to remote or hybrid.

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Thanks for sharing. And glad to hear that you feel comfortable.

Man, remember the heady days of 2020 when all the smart education thinkers said “in-person is dead, GoogleU will take over.” As an in-person enthusiast I’m not sad that that didn’t end up coming to pass at large scale (partially, yes, with decreased enrollment some places, but not completely).

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