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Somebody keeps shooting gel pellets at people in Concord in possible TikTok challenge, police say

Concord Police report three people were struck by water pellets yesterday, possibly as part of a "challenge" involving gel blaster guns:

A woman reported to Concord Police that at around 3:10 p.m. Friday, March 18, she was at Emerson Field when three white male teens in a newer dark-colored SUV drove toward her as she was putting a baby in her vehicle.

As the SUV drove past, the woman was struck with what was believed to be a pellet. The woman told police that the pellet caused her pain and redness. The baby was not struck or injured.

Two of the teens in the vehicle had been seen in the area of the basketball court shortly before the incident occurred.

Police say two other people were hit on Sudbury field.

Concord Police believe that these incidents are all related and could be part of a recent TikTok trend called the "Orbeez Challenge," where small circular water gel pellets are shot from air-powered pellet guns at people or property.

Police say anybody who has been hit by a pellet or might know about social-media-obsessed pellet shooters - or who are suddenly remorseful Orbeez shooters - can call 978-318-3400 or contact the anonymous tip line at 978-318-3407.



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Well guess what? The collective wealth of Concord residents could hire the best unbeatable lawyers at firms that could put an end to all evil Tik Tok videos. Do it!!

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That's not the only thing kids are doing with orbeez.

Lets just say they shouldn't be ingested or plugged. But fools are doing it anyways..

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I just bought one.

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