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Somebody at Transit Police really can't stand Kevin Hayden, but now they're stuck with him for at least four years

Live Boston has the scoop: When Bill Forry of the Dorchester Reporter tweeted last night that Kevin Hayden would soon address his supporters as the new permanent DA, somebody at Transit Police responded that Hayden didn't win so the election so much as the Globe, due to its last-minute stories on Ricardo Arroyo.

In a tweet, the official Transit Police account called Hayden "totally inept" and somebody who "lacks the integrity to serve as DA."

Transit Police brass were frustrated, and yes, pissed, when they learned, also from the Globe, that Hayden seemed to be sitting on a potential prosecution of a Transit cop they wanted prosecuted on charges he pulled a gun during an off-duty road-rage incident.

Live Boston reports that TPD Supt. Richard Sullivan, second in command to Chief Kenneth Green, is the only person in TPD with access to the Twitter account. The tweet has since been pulled down.


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I don't care what either of them did in the past. I care more about what good both of them will accomplish moving forward. The past is the past. Make right and make me impressed with the positive. Don't make me get stuck on the negative.

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Begin everything anew. Let all old offenses be forgot. Empty the prisons, cancel all debts. Let the world be fresh and young. And if it doesn't work, do it again tomorrow! Let everything be perpetually new!

Today is the best day of the rest of your life.

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Has integrity. That's it.

There is a reason why retired Boston Globe reporters have gone to work for The Reporter. It is a damn good paper.

Sitting in an SUV whilst not riding the trains to stop that "crime thing", (or calling ahead to have a guy pulled over in Mattapan when the crime happened in Milton), not so much.

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We live in a wacky world where the DA hand picked by Rollins to succeed her is fighting with a police force over prosecuting one of their own. The twist of course being that he DA is trying to protect the cop and his colleagues are desperately trying to do the right thing and push for justice.

How is this the universe we live in ?

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Hand picked by Baker. Rollins had nothing to do with Hayden's selection.

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To not trust this boob.

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