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South Boston Italian restaurant that closed because of pandemic won't be coming back; owner to retire, keep living above the place

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved plans by Gaetano Mirisola to convert his closed restaurant at 200 L St. at East 8th St. into an apartment.

Mirisola's lawyer, George Morancy, told the board that Mirisola, who owns the building and who lives on the third floor above the restaurant, initially shut it due to the pandemic after 20 years in business, then decided he was at a point in his life where he didn't want to re-open it.

The new apartment will be 1,600 square feet and will have three bedrooms.

The new apartment will not have dedicated parking, but Morancy said that the switch from restaurant to residential will obviously mean the end of delivery and pickup traffic at the site.



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I had many a great meal there. That place is greatly missed by many. But like so many other small businesses, this too is a COVID casualty.
I wish Guy all the best with the future. He deserves it.

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Good. For. Him. That. Is. All. M. A. G. O. O.

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Maybe Magoo can follow the example and not come back.

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