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South Boston triathlon planned for this weekend postponed because it's just too darned hot

Organizers of the Columbia Threadneedle Investments Boston Triathlon today announced they've postponed the three-event competition until Aug. 20-21.

Organizers said they don't want to take any risks running a race that involves running around Moakley Park, swimming through Dorchester Bay and bicycling up and down Day Boulevard in an officially declared heat emergency.

Due to the oppressive heat and humidity that could cause serious health concerns while competing this weekend, we worked together with the City of Boston and State of Massachusetts to postpone the race until August. Everyone should stay safe and hydrate as much as possible this weekend.



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There is a TON of behind the scenes work to organize races like this. I admire the organizers for doing the right thing by postponing, despite the fact that it most certainly created a mountain of things and people to reschedule.

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I read through the materials on the sponsor's FAQ page. They swim in "Dorchester Bay" not Pleasure Bay. Pleasure Bay is at the end of East Broadway by the Farragut Statue. Looks like all the race events happen in the Carson Beach/Moakley Park area, with those roads closed to cars during the race....

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Rescheduling the South Boston Triathlon until late next month was the smart thing to do. It's just too risky to do intensive and extensive outdoor activity in this heatwave.

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